Zero shrinkage and optimised tobacco compliance with Vensafe

With Vensafe, retailers can reduce shrinkage to zero and at the same time optimise tobacco compliance. The solution also provides a more efficient and user-friendly customer experience. But how does the system work in practical terms and how can it improve your store? In this guide, you'll learn more about the different functions and essential benefits of Vensafe.

Top five benefits with Vensafe

  • Internal thefts are minimised because of the intuitive software that tracks all actions around the dispenser
  • It makes refills more convenient and time saving for staff
  • External thefts are eliminated since the system requires customers to make the purchase before being handed the item
  • Enables tobacco regulation compliance
  • Makes it possible to buy tobacco products without any hassle, and it minimises the risk of customers leaving the store to buy their cigarettes at other locations